Introduction to Delhi QuickTrips

New Delhi Raliway Station, New Delhi, India

Now that we’re living in Delhi, not only will most of my posts be based on our India travels, but I will also do a series of QuickTrips, easy trips that can be done in 2-4 day weekends out of Delhi.  As with previous QuickTrips, these posts will not necessarily be based on an idea or a theme, but will be focused principally on the logistics necessary to squeeze as much experience into limited time, along with some recommendations on things to do and see.

Delhi may be the best city in the world for QuickTrips.  Not only is India perhaps the country in the world with the greatest density of world class tourist attractions, but the extensive transportation infrastructure, including especially the cheap domestic airlines and the extensive rail network, mean that literally dozens of excellent destinations can be explored over a regular or long weekend.  Even the (sometimes tediously) slow speed of the Indian rails plays to one’s advantage, as destinations that, at faster speeds, would be more awkward distances are actually stretched into overnight trips that allow great efficiency of travel.  And, of course, for cost, travel in India is hard to beat, with overnight sleeper trains in 3AC (for information on classes of Indian rail travel, see this post) available from about 600 rupees, or about $12, basic but comfortable AC hotel rooms often available for around 1000 rupees, or about $20, and domestic flight segments often available for less than 5000 rupees, or about $100.  Many QuickTrips will cost less than $100 for a couple, if a flight is not involved.

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