Medical tourism

24 AUG HKG-BKK EK386, taxis

Our flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok were about USD500, and hotel costs would of course add some more. How to get value out of the trip, other than by mere enjoyment? Of course, there are many ways to save money by spending money in Bangkok, including buying clothes or housewares or paying for massages, all of which are much cheaper than in Hong Kong or the U.S. But those are items that, strictly speaking, one may not need—and so the value proposition is a dubious one. We had a better excuse to go to Bangkok: the dentist.

My Hong Kong dentist on my last visit had suggested that I get a small filling in one of my molars, and a night guard to prevent some damage I may do to my teeth by clenching at night. As skeptical as I can be of medical professionals, it appeared sound advice, as I have felt of late some tension in my jaw. Derek, a few days previous, had a chunk of one of his molars chip off while eating a Reese’s peanut butter cup. He’d been to the dentist recently, but we both needed dental work. Between the two of us, our necessary procedures/appliance would have cost easily in excess of USD1,000.

After some quick googling, I found Dental Hospital Bangkok, which seemed safe and reliable. Their responses to my email enquiries increased my confidence level. We made some reservations and popped in first thing Saturday morning, after arriving late Friday night. Great facilities, efficient service and English-speaking doctors who seemed knowledgeable and competent. Because it was a huge facility with many more staff than at, say, my Hong Kong dentist, I also felt that the level of specialization may lead to additional expertise that my Hong Kong dentist simply doesn’t have. All at about a third to a half the price. Even including the trip we’ll have to make to go back to pick up my night guard—a nice excuse to return to Bangkok—some savings, and fun to boot.

Also got some glasses at V. Siam Optical, which provided rapid service. [There were some quality issues with this pair of glasses, and so I cannot recommend them, although my incident could have been an isolated incident.]

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