What Things Cost in Syria

To give a basis for comparison, an electrician working in the oil industry we spoke to said that he makes approximately 30,000 Syrian pounds (USD 600) each month.

falafel sandwich – 15 SP (USD 0.30)
chicken shawarma sandwich – 35 SP (USD 0.75)
can of soda (usually local brand) – 15-20 SP (USD 0.30-0.40)
dinner for two at a top restaurant in old city of Damascus – 1000 SP (USD 22)

one liter of fuel oil (diesel?) – 22 SP (USD 0.50)
one liter of unleaded – 50 SP (USD 1.10)
one hour minibus ride – 10 SP (USD 0.20), thanks to the subsidized fuel
taxi base fare – 5 SP (USD 0.10) (but it starts ticking immediately)

reasonably comfortable, good value hotel room in Damascus, outside old city – 1000 SP (USD 22)
upscale hotel room in refurbished house in Damascus, old city – USD 150-250
decent two bedroom apartment in Damascus, near university – USD 400
admission to museums, sites – 50-150 SP (USD 1-3)
hammam entry – 200 SP (USD 4)

As in other parts of the Middle East, there has been some serious inflation of late!

2 thoughts on “What Things Cost in Syria

  1. Prices sound very reasonable, but I’m surprised that gas is so expensive. Is it due to a lack of refineries, perhaps?

  2. Hello Paul! It was a delight to read your posts. I will be in damascus for 5 months starting in August. I am working with UNRWA there. Could you please tell me, if a monthly allowance of $600 would be sufficient to cover room and board?

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