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Since I’ve already written so much about ethnicity and race in Morocco (see posts of 09.01.11 and 09.01.24), this post will be mostly pictures and not words. In my post of 08.11.09, I thanked the Turks (Turkic men in particular) for being so accommodating in posing for pictures, perhaps to the point of vanity. Moroccans deserve to be known for the opposite; we encountered in Morocco outright hostility, even from people who just happened to fall within the frame of, say, a picture of a market. Given the volume of tourism in Morocco, one wonders whether the locals might take a more relaxed approach to tourists’ snapshots.

On to more photos…

One of the things that makes Morocco so colorful a destination, especially in winter, is the dress of the local men–most Moroccan men wear peak-hooded djellabas (or galabiyas), almost druid-like in appearance.

Even better, worn with a fez underneath.

Some “traditional dress” is of course in part for show, in this country of much tourism, but is nonetheless colorful.

The water salesman–sometimes actually selling water!

Women and girls are more out and about and visible in Morocco, in both rural areas and in cities, than in any of the other Arab countries that we visited.

A relatively rare degree of cover.

5 thoughts on “Faces of Morocco

  1. I am so sad

    In my day (I am 64, and voyaged there 40 years ago) the Moroccans were joyous, open, delightful folk .. sometimes embarrassingly so..

    I hav heard other voices like yours. So I will not go back.


  2. Hi Paul, I want to tell you only one thing that picture is worth of 1000 words. And your post made it true. I also would like to give suggestion to people of Morocco that we all are children of God. When he doesn't made any difference between us then who the hell are we to make difference called racism??

  3. In my experience I've always found the Moroccans very friendly and welcoming. I just returned from Agadir and Marrakech and it was such a joyous experience, the food, the culture and especially the people.

    On the note of photographs, if I was asked to pose for by a random person, I'd totally refuse and moreover make them feel uncomfortable for asking.

    Finally, great snaps.

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