Beijing, Pre-Olympics

We are not going to be in Beijing for the Olympics, but we did make a brief stop in Beijing in its final preparations for the Olympic Games. Due to security it wasn’t possible to get close to the new sporting facilities, but the stopover was worthwhile (for me) just to see the new airport and other city infrastructure. We had no problem finding a hotel room–due to the crackdown on visa issuances by the paranoid Chinese government, it seems like 2008 may see a fewer number of visitors to China than non-Olympics years!

Beijing National Stadium

On one of the new subway lines. Although we were there little more than a week before the opening ceremony, the subway line to the stadiums was not yet open!

Airport Express Line from Dongzhimen Station to Beijing Capital Airport

Terminal 3, Beijing Capital Airport (eerily similar to Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok)

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