Strait of Malacca

As I’ve written before (see post of 5.3), there are some places that you’ve heard of so often that you’re curious just to see them in the flesh. The Strait of Malacca, between the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula, is one of the world’s most important shipping lanes, with about a quarter of the world’s trade, including a quarter of the world’s traded oil, passing through. It is also one of the most famous areas of modern piracy, although only smaller ships generally fall prey (50 incidents in 2006).

One thought on “Strait of Malacca

  1. I love your true observation

    with people believing Malays to be lazy, Chinese greedy and Indians dishonest.

    While being lazy is not a crime nor is it a bad thing, the work smart ethics are really lazy managers, greed and dishonesty traits are forbidden by all religion.

    Except Wall Street religion where greed is good!

    But you must understand where these Chinese came from, indentured labour, poor people like Lim Goh Tong who did nt know how to read or write.

    Or the Indians from slum dogs mumbai where living is a struggle.

    So you should thanks the lazy malays. They made the Chinese and Indians, Myanmar, Iranians, Bangladesh, Ugandans, Nigerians make money in Malaysia.

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