Faces of Muslim Balkans

Just a few pictures from our few days among Muslims in the Balkans. The first picture below is of the Albanian-ethnic attendant of a mosque in Belgrade, Serbia; the rest are of Bosnians in Sarajevo. At an “ethnic” level, the story of Bosnia and Hercegovina is remarkably similar to the story of Cyprus (see posts of 10.27 and 10.28). Before the recent conflict, we were told, Muslim and Christian Bosnians thought of each other as people of the same “nationality” but merely different religions. Since the disintegration of the Yugoslav Republic and the subsequent conflicts, Christian Bosnians have been restyled as Serbs or Croats, with the “Serbian” Bosnians in particular identifying themselves with the Serbs of Serbia (even flying the Serbian flag within their semi-autonomous breakaway Republika Srpska) rather than the Muslim Bosnians, or Bosniaks, with whom they had lived together for hundreds of years. We were told that it is not possible to tell Christian and Muslim Bosnians apart, just as with Christian and Muslim Cypriots, but as all of the pictures of Bosnians below were taken within the city of Sarajevo, the subjects are most likely Muslim. As you can see, Muslims Bosnians look typically Slavic–they are genetically no different from their Christian neighbors. Few Bosnian women wear headscarves and few Bosnian men beards.

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  1. Well the Slavs of the Balkans don't look identical to other Slavs. There is a significant difference in their genetics due to their mixing of the indigenous tribes when they arrived. Generally a Balkan person is dark-haired with light skin but you do get a number of tanned individuals as well. Light-haired people do exist but it is not as common as in Northern Slavs.

  2. Turks are north euroasians.they have light skin and brown sometimes reddish hair(ethnic Turks not kurds etc)he is no way Turkish.he looks gypsy or kurdish

  3. By the way
    -First person looks like an Albanian.
    The others look as northern Slavs(East, West Slavs, Slovenes and western Croats(people from Zagreb and surrounding which are linguistic and genetic Slovenes) have light skin, light hair and light eyes. )
    Other Slavs(Serbs, Croats, Bulgarians and Macedonians) have dark hair, light skin and dark eyes

    -Slavs are indigenous in the Balkans and central and east Europe. But German and Italian nationalists want to grab their land and then they built a theory which looks like an fairy tale. ***They just came and they are immigrants and they took this land from our people.*** Here is one problem. No one has nothing written about this massive migration. You can just look a genetic map of Europe. South Slavs are indigenous in South-east Europe.
    Bye for now
    Realistic Austrian

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